About Us

Quality + Service = EFOR

Our company was established in 1997, Turkey's first Projesyonel mobile generator rental company.

The founders of EFOR'un Sound, light industry is composed of people who had served 25 years here is a verb EFOR'a reflected their knowledge and experiences.

Parking and the building of 1000 m2 in Istanbul on production Hasköy EFOR the Company has been serving the building.

With the organization since 1997 İKSV EFFORT jazz, music, theater festivals, generators and power distribution services.

EFOR H2000, ROCK ISTANBUL, Radar Live, MASTİVAL rock festivals held each year starting in 2003 and the first open-air festival Rock'n Coke ISTANBUL 23 pcs portable and mobile power generator and energy distribution of the operating services.

Formula 1 circuit TV broadcast in Turkey for the first time EFOR 2x680 KVA generator synchronized by means of distributed energy.

The light show at the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge EFOR for the first time on a bridge crane cabin 5x200 KVA generator download and distributed energy.

Celebrate 554 years of the conquest of İstanbul EFOR 2x680 KVA, 1x500 KVA power generator download platform has established the center HALİÇ Sea.

Efor Generator  temporary power solution needs the capacity to want to exercise machinery, equipment, cabling, and experienced technical support team are ready to meet the synchronous operations.  Prepared at all times a sufficient number of synchronous generator is ready to serve up 1400kVa park is in stock in our warehouse in Istanbul. For higher power demands of our company in just 10 days in advance to inform you wish to serve your needs we can offer up to a megawatt. Both generators and engineering designs of fuel tanks, panels and control panels, sound insulation, are designed specifically for synchronous lease preparations, cables, insulated, rubber is soft NYYF. Kesitlerdedir 35mm to 150 mm. Machines British Cummins, Stamford alternators stop.

NOTE: 440 volts 60Hz generators for ships that can land and energy feeds can be used as a structure.